Tools You May Need

You will need scissors to cut open cream gel bags and get it ready.

Edge Treatment: Tape can be used to create clear edges or lines, making your decorations look neater.

(Included in the kit) Apply B-7000 adhesive to the area where you plan to apply the cream glue beforehand. This will make the cream glue more secure

(Included in the kit) The scraper is used in this project to smooth the cream evenly and create a neat surface for decorating.
(Included in the kit) A damp Q-tips can be used to adjust the shape of the cream glue, or damp fingers can achieve the same effect.
(1 color Included in the kit) Liquid cream glue serves as a decorative element in this project, similar to how jam is used in cake decoration.
(Included in the kit) Tweezers are used in this project to handle and place small charms.